For the love of costumes and armour (Knight and the Fool)

    The team at Idle Dandies have been working pretty tirelessly to get a film made that really depicts how it was in the middle ages, not just some hollywood gleam. They want epic costumes and “ultra realistic” fight scenes to help tell you the tale of a knight, his squire, and a jester who is more than what he seems. But things like costumes and armour cost money, and so they need your help to raise the funds to do this film justice.

    Ben, Marzena, and Mel have been working tirelessly telling their crowd about this film, and they’re 70% of the way there with almost 50 backers. They have one day left – and they need your help! So spread the word – pledge or share their link on:

    If you want to see a REAL medieval tale, this project is for you.

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