New case study: How Bayside Rum tripled their funding goal

    When bartender Egor Petrov kicked off his project crowdfunding campaign with us to buy bulk ingredients to make more rum, he had no idea he would triple his funding target. Still reeling from the Covid years, he’d exhausted all other funding options and we really were his last resort.

    He had nice branding, an award-winning recipe, great distribution and big dreams for his rum, but this project crowdfunding campaign had to work.

    Egor and his team hit the ground running and followed up on any lead that would lead to a pledge. He literally messaged every single person following him on social media. They hustled their way into the media. And to his shock, their efforts began to work.

    They were relieved when they met their $30,000 minimum target, and delighted when the pledges kept coming in, and in, and in, passing $100,000.

    He was so grateful to us, saying he literally couldn’t have done it without PledgeMe. And we are stoked to know that raising $100,000 of funding for Bayside Rum has changed the trajectory of their business.

    We wanted to learn more about Bayside Rum and Egor, so I interviewed him and wrote a case study about his journey from being backed into a corner coming out of Covid, to a future brimming with possibilities.

    I hope you are as inspired by Egor’s journey as we were.


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