The team behind the Dregs Street Art Documentary really amaze me. They’re so fun to work with, laid back, but passionate about what they’re doing. And, if you saw my blog, the doco is something that the PledgeMe team really really thinks need to be done as well. So a big THANK YOU to everyone that supported the team at Dregs. Here are a few tips/thoughts Cinz (C) and Karl (K) shared with us after they were funded:

    What did you like about pledge me?

    C – The ability to back your own project, the amazing responses from everybody that got behind us and supported us.

    K – Great to FINALLY have this crowdfunding platform in NZ! It can only get bigger… And love the new website!

    How did you find the experience?

    C – Great experience! Very professional service, great people to work with and again, amazing seeing the vast amount of people that got behind our project!

    K- Anna, your awesome. And yeah, so cool to see how many people got behind us – many of them we don’t even know!

    Any tips for newbies?

    C – Promo the hell out of your project, email, Facebook, blog and spam the hell out of your project, keep on top of it, keep the excitement up and get the word out to as many people as possible!

    K – The event we held was a good idea… hook up with a local bar, do a flyer, and have a drink with new faces – discuss your project. Get in your local paper if you can too… invite a reporter the event.

    Anything you’d change about PledgeMe?

    C – A little more support pushing the projects, help with reaching other blogs and media sites?

    K – Agreed. Maybe if PledgeMe had a relationship with blogs, newspapers, groups, etc then our reach could have gone a little further. Also, an option not to have a maximum amount of rewards… I think it looks bad if you have HEAPS left or if you ‘sell out’ of a reward that you could potentially have more of. So maybe an ‘unlimited’ option would be good.

    [Ed. agreed! In crowdfunding it is all about tapping into your crowd, but we’re working on making friends with a few awesome blogs, media outlets, and industry players as well. So watch this space. And, if you’re from a blog/the media and want to showcase the cool projects coming through, just drop us a line –]

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