The Capital Times and “Broken Glass”

    I went on a search this morning. Normally, it would have been for caffeine, but today it was for caffeine and a copy of the latest Capital Times, because word on the street was Chaz Harris from the Broken Glass project was going to be in there. And, the word was right!

    Chaz has had some pretty awesome success to date in his chosen medium. Last year his web series “101 Dates” picked up 7 Outstanding Achievement Awards at the 2nd Annual Los Angeles Web Series Festival. With his latest project, Broken Glass, Chaz has found it pretty hard to get traditional funding. It’s a tough topic, domestic violence and bullying, but the story is really more than just that – which is something that New Zealand film is quite good at doing. Broken Glass is reminiscent of the imaginative film style of the 80’s, where what you couldn’t see was just as powerful as what you could. It’s a coming of age story with a twist, and I for one can’t wait to see it made.

    So, check out Chaz and Eleanor’s page here: – pledge, share, you know the drill.

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