National Radio’s take on Crowdfunding (Fracking Whatatutu)

    I got an excited text message yesterday from a friend saying “turn on National Radio, now!”. I’m a firm believer in listening to your friends, so I did what she told me to do. And really, am I happy I did!

    Simon Morris from the Arts on Sunday interviewed our very own Sumner Burstyn (check out Fracking Whatatutu) and Lizzie Gillett who produced the Age of Stupid. Despite the traumatic week had by all, Sumner did an amazing job not only explaining the power of crowdfunding – but talking about how their project is harnessing the knowledge provided to fully investigate all aspects of fracking (good and bad).  So it’s more than just funding the film, but feeding in the information and stories required to do the film justice.

    Check out what they had to say here. Thank you National Radio, and the team from Fracking Whatatutu!

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