Project: Wellington Underground Film Festival

    I chatted to Rosie from the Wellington Underground Film Festival today (actually – we meet every Saturday for bottomless cups of coffee to talk about her project, so this is just a continuation of our ongoing chats really!).

    Today I told her I was going to write up a blog about what WUFF is all about, so here goes.

    First off – I wanted to know what she meant by underground. What does that mean? Well – it means anything that isn’t mainstream, which is very broad.  Rosie says “it’s your aesthetic, your connection to what is out there”. It could be any genre – it just needs to challenge the audience and be a bit different from the traditional narritive.

    I asked for some examples of her favourite filmmakers, and she reeled off a list including Chris Marker, Nathaniel Dorsky, Les Blank. Then I asked her for a New Zealand example and she started raving about Len Lye. So, my dear reader, if you don’t know who he is (I didn’t!) check this out:

    Len Lye’s ‘Free Radical’

    Rosie did go on to stress though, that there is a new movement, like Hooliganship below, which is bright colours, modern aesthetic, and almost like a computer game.


    What are the next steps? Well, Rosie is trying to get funding to get this project off the ground. All she needs is $2,175 to finish the website, secure the venue, and start the call for submissions. How can you help? Share her link, pledge $5, do your bit.


    Anna (and Rosie)

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