Copper *shows off proudly*

    I think Copper is just a real feel good project – they were very minimal in their needs. All they wanted to do was be able to feed their cast and crew during the filming of their short about a deaf child, and they managed to get funded in just over a week. We asked Simon to share his thoughts on PledgeMe, and this is what he said:

    What did you like about pledgeme? Easy to use, friendly staff, easy share links.
    How did you find the experience? Pretty good, although now I know how stink my friends are for money. 😛
    Any tips for newbies? Get your link out to as many people as you can, family, friends, you’ll be amazed at who will donate what.
    Anything you’d change about PledgeMe? Make it easier to edit your project, so you can add stuff or take it away. Lots more profile editing, including pictures would be good too.
    I say crowdfunding, you say: Pizza?


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