I have to admit, I was a bit confused by comRoid to start with. What exactly was Olly doing? Well, after a few emails back and forth it became clear, and so I want to share that uh-huh moment with you:

    Olly likes taking photos, and he wants people to be able to share their photos with the world. So, how cool would it be if you could go to a bar, take some photos, and then email it to the bar you were at for them to print out and pop up on the wall. Great night at Red Square? Captured. Rocking gig at Mighty Mighty? Caught. And, it’s a win win. You get your photos out of your camera and up in the real world, and the venue get’s some cool shots of crazy kids having fun.

    So what does Olly need? Almost nothing really, just another $350 to help him with the costs of getting it up and running. Check him out and pledge here: http://pledgeme.co.nz/Crowd/Details/44

    Want to see it in action? We’re going to give it a test drive at our launch party on 3 Feb. Very very cool.

    Now, since Olly is a very multi-talented man, I’d like to leave you with some sahweet beats he whipped up the other day. Go kiwi creativity!




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