Project: Freedom!



    Freedom. There’s a lot packed into that one little word, isn’t there? Courtney Sanders, resident editor, ranter, and admirer at Always | Sometimes | Anytime is the mastermind behind this photographic project. Her goal: to explore our connection with nature in a “non cultural cringe way”. Together with Sara Orme, they’ve already done a body of work up in Rotorua, the Coromandel and Kare Kare – but now they want to hit the South Island, and they need your help.

    There are some pretty cool rewards available, everything from the prints of their labour to full individual and corporate sessions with photography – and as you can see in Freedom 1, 2, and 3 – she knows her stuff!

    So – share this project on, pledge,  do your magic. We want to get these girls to the South Island so they can show them that their beautiful landscape isn’t all about farmland and sheep…


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