Beautiful Surrender – Funded!

    Ashei had a pretty simple goal with their PledgeMe campaign – to make a rocking music video. And, they’d already proven they could. Their first video, Let Me Down, was the C4 video of the week the first week it was released! And, this time round, we’re positive they’re going to be just as successful. We chatted to Emma about their successful PledgeMe campaign, and this is what she told us:

    What did you like about pledgeme? How easy it was to get the project going!

    How did you find the experience? Really good, the team at PledgeMe are awesome and helpful, and the usability of the website is great for all age groups.

    Any tips for newbies? Not really, we’re still newbies so there’s probably things we can learn from others to help us out if we did some more crowdfunding in the future! I guess just make sure to remind your audience frequently, or they might forget to pledge 🙂 Also make sure you remind people that they don’t need to wait until payday to pledge, since no money actually gets taken from them! (We found alot of people didn’t understand that concept..)

    Anything you’d change about PledgeMe? Maybe the option of direct donations?
    [Ed. We’re totally looking into it!]
    I say crowdfunding, you say: A HUGE HELP!

    Check out the acoustic version of their song below. And, it’s not too late to pledge/share a bit more!

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