Best of the Best

    We’ve seen some great things so far with PledgeMe, and I thought I should take the time to share some of the Best of the Best with you potential project creators and pledgers out there.

    Best Rewards – Mangle and Gruff and Dregs

    The crazy kids from the Mangle and Gruff band came up with some pretty awesome rewards during their campaign – everything ranging from a “Will Saunders” calendar to a psychology lecture of your choice to a religion created about you by the band. My favourite was Dave’s bed time story… Here’s hoping the person that bought it wasn’t an insomniac!

    $50 – Dave reads you to sleep. One night only in Wellington or Katikati regions, 
    our choice of reading material. Includes download code AND Will Calendar


    The team from Dregs had a set of pretty rocking rewards as well. My favourite was their $1,000 reward, which I would have bought if someone else hadn’t beaten me to it…

    $1000 – All of the above plus a one off art mural, exterior or interior, (5m x 5m max) custom designed and completed by an artist featured on the doco AND shot and featured on the DVD extras.

    Best Video – St. Rupertsberg

    The ladies from St. Rupertsberg made a pretty rocking video for their campaign, and managed to reach their goal in a week. We think it’s because their pitch was SOLID, and they had a rocking vid to prove it. Check out their project here.

    Best Update – The F.E.U.C

    Aidee Walker from The FEUC provided a light hearted plea in her latest video update, telling her friends, family, and fans that her short film could be the very thing needed to bring families together. Check out her update, and the pitch to become a member of the FEUC, here.

    Best Campaign – Fill Up the Silence

    Tama Waipara ran his campaign to fund his mastering costs for “Fill up the Silence” like a social media pro. He not only got into some main stream media, but blogged and facebooked how he felt throughout his campaign. He thanked fans personally in his comments, and kept the momentum going even after he got funded.

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