Project: New Kids on the Block

    The latest and greatest on PledgeMe is a project for the youth of the world by the youth of the world — pretty cool, eh?

    Dylan and the crew at Wanted FM are revamping their website, taking it from a radio station to a youth media site for the world, by the world. Even though they’re based in the kiwi metropolis of Auckland, they have links globally, and are planning on storming the world media scene with a very distinct point of difference — they’re the new kids on the block for ALL the kids on the block.

    And, the sweetest part of it all — they’re not asking for much. All they want is the fees to keep their website on a server for everyone to appreciate. They’re run by volunteers, and everything is done in house. Up until now, they were using part time jobs as their main funding source, but now they need a bit of help. For:

    • $10 you can get a personalised thank you note and update from the Wanted FM team,
    • $20 includes early access to the website, and
    • $50 gets a special mention on the site itself, with all of the above included too.

    Interested? Just click here and pledge away.

    For goodness sake, think of the children!


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