We got name dropped in mainstream New Zealand media today — on our oh so favourite and bookmarked news centre, Stuff. You haven’t seen the article yet? Well have a looksee here.

    Crowdfunding is an interesting beast, it’s used all over the world in a variety of different ways. They say Obama was one of the most successful political crowdfunders, with his grassroots campaign in 2008 seeing him raise over 3/4 of a billion dollars mainly  through small transactions from supporters over the internet. Sport has also seen it’s own form of crowdfunding, with Ebbsfleet becoming the first football club to be owned by a crowd of 25,000 fans in 2008 (who each paid 35GBP to purchase their share). Creative projects are definitely the main stay of crowdfunding, with platforms in every country in the world devoted to the support of a cross section of creativity, from film through music and art.

    But from an entrepreneurial sense, we still run the gambit of laws governing the sales of securities and even gambling. So, David Rose’s thoughts that this may one day be overcome is heartening. But, in the meantime, PledgeMe will focus on the social, unFMA regulated, side of crowdfunding — with the quasi philanthropic support of creative projects in New Zealand.

    Do you have any thoughts on Crowdfunding? Have you seen it at work in New Zealand or overseas, either effectively or not? Leave a comment yo – we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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