Hungary for Shine Lady?

    The Shine Lady dance troupe want to go to Hungary for the Sziget Festival – and need your help to get there! They are almost 3/4 funded – and need just a little more help to reach their goal. I sent Ann, the artistic director and choreographer, a few questions about their PledgeMe project, the troupe and the trip, and this is how she responded:

    How long have Shine lady been together? How did you meet?
    We have been together creating Shine Lady since June 2010. It was made in several stages of research and performance. I meet Julie when she was a teenager in a youth dance company I started called Pointy Dog, then I taught her at Unitec and now she has worked with me as a dancer for 8 years. Liz i meet in the early 90’s in a dance class, she has worked with me for 9 years. Liana I met through teaching at Unitec and we have worked together for 4 years.

    What was the inspiration behind your show?
    The starting point for the work was to create an abstract dance based on movement derived from plate tectonics and cellular division (macro – micro). My parents are both scientists – Father John Dewey – plate tectonics his field, mother Molly Dewey -monoclonal antibodies to fungi her field. However the work took of in a totally different direction with the appearance of some satin cloths, which in turn led to several female spiritual figures appearing….so the inspiration for the show and what the show actually ended up being about are poles apart. But i know our creative process well enough now to not worry about that.

    Tell us a bit more about being invited to perform in Hungary! Have you ever been there? How did the invitation come about?
    The invitation came through Fruzsina Szep who is the program director of the Sziget festival in Budapest. She saw us perform in Adelaide this year at the australian performing arts market. We were selected to perform (only NZ group inc. theatre, music dance etc), felt very honored to be there, and then even more delighted to be invited to Sziget. It is a huge festival that happens every year – primarily music, but they have a dance/theatre stage too. Heaps of huge bands playing – here’s the festival website A couple of us have been to Hungary before – but not since the mid 90’s, and we are very excited to see how the country has evolved.

    What made you turn to crowdfunding?
    We chose crowd funding, because our fans/families/friends are spread around the globe and it seemed like a way everyone could be involved. I have been aware of crowd funding for the past few years in the states and was so happy to see it start in NZ. I love the democracy it embodies. On a practical level we needed to raise funds and I thought this way a new avenue to try.

    Any final comments/thoughts?
    I am personally very proud to be taking NZ  art  to an overseas audience, I believe that my dance is infused with the place where I live and work (Leigh) and that when we perform in other cities and countries Leigh & NZ come with us – the spirit of all my friends and local haunts, the light, the forms and structure is all there in the choreography. So we are thrilled to be taking Shine Lady to Europe.

    – Anna and Ann Dewey (also a skilled bowler!)

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