Gone Curling – already a winner!

    Gone Curling, a documentary about the traditional art of outdoor curling in New Zealand and climate change, won the best New Zealand short documentary at NZ Doc Edge Festival! When I heard that, I decided it was about time to pester Rachael with a few questions about her film. Here’s what she told me:

    When did you start making films?
    Gone Curling is the first proper film I have made. I started my career when I was 17 as an underwater camera operator and trained in film at Metro Production Company in Auckland and then spent the next 12 years working as a camera operator and editor for Sony, BMW, Greenpeace and a number of New Zealand and European broadcasters. I spent some time making travel video for the web and promoting Oceans Watch in PNG. I didn’t go to film school instead I took the approach of buying equipment and harassing professionals to teach me things.

    What inspired your decision to make film on curling?
    Gone Curling was made as part of our Masters in Science Communication and Natural History Film Making through Otago Uni and NHNZ. We researched a number of exciting film ideas but this one met all our needs. A strong story arch, the ability to complete the film in a limited time frame, great characters, a scientific angle and cinematic potential.

    How did you and Roland meet?
    We were in the same class. He seemed like one of the more interesting people to work with. Lucky for us we worked really well together and our skills balanced out.

    What is your personal highlight in the film?
    my favorite shot is the tracking shot from Jocks shoes to his son Andrews shoes during the piping segment. I think that shot says many things.

    And, how does it feel winning the NZ Edge Doco award?
    It is very encouraging to receive an award. To be acknowledged for our hard work is encouraging and it also lets us know that we are on the right track.  Being part of the festival and talking with other film makers has given me even more drive. I am currently in a state of reflection in terms of what I would like to learn and share next.  I think we have responsibilities as film makers and I would very much like to contribute something worthwhile to both film and environmental responsibility. More than anything I look forward to working with other skilled professionals on worthwhile projects that push the bar.

    Rachael and the team are currently crowdfunding on PledgeMe – follow this link to find out a bit more.

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