Projects in the Media

    It’s been a busy week in the media, here are a few project shout outs that we’ve seen:

    Moko – Amy is making a documentary about Moko, the “lone wild dolphin who stole the hearts of [New Zealand]”. She’s been getting a bit of press about her documentary, including a piece in SunLive and the Beacon (click on the icon to the left to see the full story). She’s already managed to raise a quarter of the costs to make her documentary, and still has over a month to go!

    My Special Friend – Teresa Murphy was in the news in Queenstown about her campaign to raise the publishing costs for her book. Here’s the full story.

    Uncle Berties, Stand Up, and us in Nightline – We were in Nightline! It was super exciting (and we looked cool being sandwiched in between the Uncle Berties crew before, and Stand Up after). You can watch it here.

    Uncle Berties also got mentioned in a larger blog piece about crowdfunding by Toby Manhire (yes, from the Listener!). Even though Toby thinks we’re still a step behind the excitement of a telethon or we will be “until you have a conga line with people singing Thank You Very Much for Your Kind Donations”, he said some pretty nice things in his piece. Here’s his full blog.


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