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    November 11We love the innovative PledgeMe campaigns Scoop comes up with, from their “Operation Chrysalis” campaign which raised over $36,000 earlier this year to their “16 Days of Scoop” campaign, which had a target of only $16 and raised over $9,000. When it comes to their crowd, the team at Scoop know what they’re doing – and their latest campaign is no exception.

    This time around, Scoop is putting out a “call to arms” to find new members for the Scoop Foundation. In a country where well-known news agencies are turning to clickbait and celebrity gossip, Scoop offers a solution to the news crisis – a new model of funding that is not reliant on advertising, but is focused on delivering timely, important news stories that New Zealanders need to hear.

    But in order to get to that model, Scoop needs your help – and that’s why they’ve come back to PledgeMe. We got in touch to hear how the campaign is going so far.

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    It has been a very interesting experience. As it is our third outing we brought some experience to what we are doing but have learned more this time round than we did in both earlier projects. The responses of the crowd to our appeal appear to be more deeply held than in our earlier campaigns. Starting with an informational campaign was helpful to do some groundwork but feel now that we should have started the full on barn-storming part earlier. On moving to our “1000 Kiwis” positioning the entire campaign went up a notch so that was a very clear signal that changing out the communications approach is worth doing if what you are doing is not delivering what you need.

    What do you have planned for the rest of the campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We only have a week to go now.  With three of us working on the content and social media aspects of this now we hopefully will continue to amp up our social media visibility. It has been a shame that there has been no mainstream media coverage of what we are doing but I think that is reflective of the seriousness of the crisis which is facing the news media. Scoop’s raising of difficult issues is not something that is being warmly received by our media colleagues.  There is one more announcement to make publicly, later today, announcing a Scoop Hui which will be held this Sunday at St Andrew’s on the Terrace.

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    Thank you for your fantastic support. The amplification effect of the crowd distributing our shareables in Facebook and Twitter is the driver of this campaign – please keep it up. And hopefully together we can #TakeBackTheNews.

    If you want to help Scoop solve the NZ news crisis, check out their campaign right here.

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