A New Take on the Undead

    Nov 12This week’s Throwback Thursday hails from April 2012! Amy and Patricia were working on a film called “A Party for Me” – a zombie-genre film with a twist. Despite the film’s ambitious shooting plans – involving a cat, a night shoot, period costumes and child actors – they aimed for the modest goal of $270, and blasted right through it. Due to a long post-production period, the film was only completed last year, and was received hugely well at both its Wellington screening and at the October Fright Night Film Festival all the way over in Kentucky USA! To find out more about this fab and freaky film, check out the info here.

    As for Patricia and Amy, they’re still filling the world with fantastic films! Amy is a director based in Wellington, while Patricia is based in London running Action on the Side, a filmmaking group which makes whole movies in a month.

    We’re so stoked to see how well the film worked out, and all the cool stuff its creators are up to now. Check out their original project here to see where PledgeMe can take you!

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