Doing good by giving good

    This is going to be a bit heart-bleedy, all over the screen messy. But why shouldn’t I leave it all out there? Crowdfunding is about exactly that — putting it all out there and making yourself vulnerable. It’s popping the nice protective bubble and ripping off the band-aid. And it’s bloody terrifying.

    Eat My Lunch gets me every time I check the page. I think about how difficult it must be for kids to learn without food in their tummies. I think about how one simple thing, food, can have a long term impact on a child’s life.


    Spending entire days learning is HARD. Even as an adult, absorbing information is a challenge. Add lack of food to the mix and it becomes next to impossible. If a kid goes without lunch for 30% of their school year, that’s 30% of potential knowledge missing. What a difficult start to build on, and what a simple thing to fix. Eat My Lunch are stepping up to fill that gap, and not only fill it for a child, but they feed you too.

    Eat My Lunch are effectively investing in the futures of the kids they feed. And that is incredibly inspiring. Lisa, Iaan and Michael have taken this amazing leap of faith to crowdfund the next step in their work to improve the lives of many. I think of all the kids’ whose lives have been changed already in the short time Eat My Lunch has been running, and get quite emotional. What an amazing gift to be able to give with a tiny $10. It could be going to a kid who lives around the corner, who could grow up and run their own crazy / awesome / inspiring crowdfunding projects.

    If you haven’t already… check out Eat My Lunch’s campaign and pledge your lunch!banner

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