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    And now, PledgeMe presents a new weekly segment – Throwback Thursday!

    Aidee and Morgan kickin it in Palm Springs, USA

    Each week, we’re going to track down one of our old successful campaigns, and see what its awesome creators are up to these days. First on our list is the campaign for short film The F.E.U.C.; created by Aidee and Morgan all the way back in April 2012.

    The campaign itself was a huge success. Aidee and Morgan raised $3,275 which allowed them to finish their short film and tell the story of the Four Eyes United Club. The film was then accepted into the Show Me Shorts film festival in NZ, as well as the Palm Springs ShortFest – which meant the dynamic duo got to take a trip to the US for the screening!

    2015-06-05 20.07.25
    Morgan at the Sydney Film Festival where “Deathgasm” screened in June

    Since the success of their debut short, the pair have gone on to do great things both as a team and individually.These days, Aidee is acting in the current season of Step Dave, and has written and directed two more shorts (check out one of them here!). Meanwhile Morgan is still producing, and recently completed her first feature film Deathgasm, which screened at the NZ International Film Festival and opens in the US next month (you can take a look at the trailer right here). She has also made over 20 music videos in the last couple of years – check out one that she and Aidee worked on together below:

    It’s been clear from the start that these two were destined for great things, and we’re so stoked to see all the great stuff they’ve got up to since their PledgeMe days – we hope they’ll come back again if they need more support!

    And there’s more good news for the F.E.U.C. – it will soon be available on Lightbox. Sneak a peek at the trailer below and marvel with us at the genius of our PledgeMe alumni.


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