Aug 17

    Looking for a wine that will rock your world? We have the campaign for you.

    Back in early 2015, Jules van Costello and Asher Boote had just founded Hillside Kitchen & Cellar in the heart of Wellington. Thanks to its creative European-style cuisine and its enticing wine list, this restaurant quickly became a favourite among Wellingtonians, and earned accolades from the likes of the Dominion Post and Cuisine Magazine. But Jules and Asher noticed something else, too: as their restaurant grew in popularity, so too did the demand for the kinds of wines they championed: wines with “character, personality and integrity”. So often, those wines were only available to buy from their little outlet in Thorndon – but they were determined to change this.

    So they came up with the idea for Cult Wine, a subscription-based service offering some of the best wines available in NZ. Each month, subscribers will receive 6 bottles of wine to try, chosen not only to reflect the season but also, with three tiers of membership available, chosen to reflect their budget.

    Clearly, this is something kiwis are keen to get behind. Don’t believe us? Check out Cult Wine’s campaign page, where they’ve already more than quintupled their campaign goal! We had to hear more about this roaring success, so we got in touch with Jules himself:

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    Amazing, we are thrilled by the support. It’s always tough to gauge a new market when launching a new business but the support we’ve had already is telling us there is a real desire for the kinds of wines we are going to be offering.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign? Anything for us to look forward to?

    Wellington on Plate is underway, so I’m going to be at Hillside pouring wine quite a lot over the next few weeks. Likewise we were also at the NZ Chocolate Festival pouring some amazing wines to match with Chocolate on Friday and Saturday last week.

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    Thank you! Thanks for all your support and thanks for sharing the message. Remember, you’re not just supporting us but you are supporting all of the small producers we buy from!

    To share the message more and get a subscription while you still have the chance, check out Cult Wine’s campaign page here.

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