Crowdfunding with a Conchord

    [Previous Uncle Bertie’s foray – August 2011]

    When this project came onto our radar I got bit excited. It went something like this:

    “Duncan Sarkies – didn’t he? ohhh! Lawrence of Arabia – WHAT? Jermaine Clement?? AGH!”. [insert croon here]

    Crowdfunding with a Conchord. The only thing that is cooler than that, is this project. It’s random, quirky, and fabulous. It has quite a few great minds behind it, and they just want to do something a bit different.

    That’s what excites me most about this project – it’s flagrant disregard for the norm. I mean, typically you wouldn’t need a visual artist while making a radio podcast. Does that matter? No. They wanted an artist to help create their podcast, so they got one (in the form of Stephen Templar). And, while they’re at it – they’ll throw artistic control to the wind, giving anyone the chance to pledge towards the project for the incentive of saying their own line in the podcast.

    I also love how this project reiterates to me daily about how small Wellington (and in fact) New Zealand is. Since it went up I’ve had the woman at the desk to my right advise me that she knows Duncan, and she also accidentally introduced me at a gallery opening to Fiona. Our graphic designer shares Stephen Templar’s studio, and I’ve been tweeting Lawrence about free tickets to concerts. One of the team used to know Duncan back in her scarfie days, and now Fiona and I seem to be on the same event attendance circuit.

    So help these kids out – share this link on and pledge pledge pledge.

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