Dec 2

    This week’s Throwback Thursday is the Neo Soul band “Astro Empire”. Back in 2012, this group who met at the New Zealand School of Music raised over $2,500 to record their debut EP. The EP was a huge success, selling all its pressings shortly after its release. And it seems the members of the band have enjoyed success too!

    The band broke up shortly after their successful EP (which vocalist Louis was quick to stress was “not for any dramatic reasons at all”) and went off to pursue individual careers: drummer Shaun toured with metal bands Saving Grace and Depths, bass player Leon moved to London to play with UK artist Sam Callahan, and guitarist Dave now performs with the NSW police band in Sydney. The horn players Jake and Ben are back in Wellington, after having travelled Europe performing on cruise ships, and now play alongside Shaun in the Richter City Rebels, a New Orleans style brass band.

    Louis, meanwhile, hasn’t slowed down either – he performs in Jazz trio Ol’ King Cole, Motown group The Fades, and Trip-Hop act The 16th. He’s also part of Wellington’s premier covers band Superbad Soul Section, alongside Jake, Ben, and Shaun. He recently performed with his own band, LTM Soultronic Ensemble, at the Rogue and Vagabond in Wellington. Take a look at his website to find out more.

    We’re so stoked to see these guys are still making amazing music, and we’re really happy to have been a part of their journey. Take a cheeky look at their original campaign here, and keep your eyes peeled for who we’ll be throwing back to next week!


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