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    December 2For this week’s What’s Up Wednesday, we talked to our newest equity campaign, Crafters & Co. We are hopping with excitement to work with these brewtiful people, and we hope you are too!

    Crafters is dominating the distribution domain, currently providing distribution for 11 craft breweries, 10 vineyards, over 20 premium spirits and a handful of non-alcoholic and retail products. Their warehouse is one of the biggest in the craft beer capital, and with a retail store right on Cuba, they’re Welly’s one-stop-shop for the best brews. They also have a successful online store which acts as a product library.

    So why are they turning to crowdfunding? The answer’s pretty simple: to take it nationwide. Crafters wants to streamline sales and showcase the craft community to NZ and the rest of the world. And they want you, their crowd, to help them make it happen.

    To find out more about this hopportunity and get the facts behind the fizz, we chatted to the crafters themselves! Here’s what they had to say:

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    Its coming along, people are showing interest, we just need to get them to Pledge.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We have two open nights coming up with BBQ and tastings. One this Thursday 3rd Dec (5pm-8pm) and another on the 17th.

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    Crafters & Co would like to thank all the Pledgers that have supported our campaign so far. We still have a way to go so share with your friends and colleagues and lets hit our investment target!

    P.S We’re also bottling our Crafters beer today! Here’s a picture of the bottles in the back of #Crafter3…


    To find out more about Crafters & Co, you should come along to one of their meet and greets! Check out the events here and here. Otherwise, take a look at their campaign on PledgeMe.

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