Dec 11

    This week’s Throwback Thursday hails from the golden age of June, 2012. Crooner Liz Kirkman wanted to travel to the UK and Italy to broaden her musical horizons, and she offered her pledgers everything from singing via Skype to a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy session (blimey!) to get there. She even posted costume ideas to her crowd on Facebook and they got to vote on what she should wear to perform. Our CBB Anna mentions this last tactic in almost every crowdfunding talk she gives, as an example of how you can involve your crowd in your journey.

    Anna’s slide on Liz and the importance of making your campaign a journey


    Liz with her fellow Avidiva divas!

    And she was successful! After performing in the UK along with well-known singer Matthew Ford, she travelled to Perugia, Italy for the 20th reunion of the Tuscany Voice Project. There she was able to harness her sound and make connections with other talented performers from around the globe – she made close friends with singers from as far away as Norway.

    And judging by her success since then, the trip was definitely worth it. Shortly after returning, she rejoined singing trio Avidiva, and has spent the last three years performing with them all over NZ, and even a bit in Rarotonga! 2014 saw her join Kelli Greene Caldwell and Jacqui Coates for their Fringe Festival show, “Jezebel of Jazz”, where she sang as Anita O’Day. They later took the show to the National Jazz Festival and the Nelson Winter Festival.

    These days however, Liz is enjoying success of a more personal kind, with the recent birth of her son Soren a few months ago. We’re sure he’s got a decent set of pipes too!

    Liz is such a cool example of how PledgeMe can be used to make awesomeness happen, and we’re so stoked to see how well she’s doing. If you want to take a look back at her campaign, check it out here.

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