The Crowd: PledgeMe makes a mag

    One of the awesomest things about working at PledgeMe is all the amazing people you meet. From the chick looking to raise $12 to buy her cactus some cacti pals to the dudes looking to raise $1.7 mill for their business, our crowd is varied and huge. The team wanted to give something back, celebrate the successes and share stories on how PledgeMe has helped our crowd fund the things they care about.

    So we knocked our heads together, and it turned out a super-secret cell of magazine-makers had emerged inside Team PledgeMe. Way back in 2009 Rory (now our chief awesomeiser and creator of the PledgeMe menagerie) and I put together Salient — Victoria Uni’s student rag [Ed’s note: And I’ve put together other mags —JJW]. So we thought ‘Hey, why don’t we put together a mag!’

    So we did…


    The Crowd, as we have titled our tome, is almost ready to roll. We just need your help to turn it from ones and zeros inside a computer to print on paper.

    And what better way for PledgeMe, New Zealand’s crowdfunding platform, to make our mag than to crowdfund it.

    We’ve got stories on some of our many successes, features on how to crowdfund, the feels that one feels when one has a campaign up and running, lots of fantastic illustrations by PledgeMe alumni Jem Yoshioka, and heeeeeaaaaaaps more.

    We launched this project campaign last week to raise the money to print the magazine and we’re offering some pretty sweet rewards. From PledgeMe menagerie badges, to copies of the mag (durh!), to ad space. We’re going to be using the mag as a sort of educational/promotional/inspirational handbook for those thinking of crowdfunding or equity raising.

    So check out the video below or head over to the campaign page to pledge!

    Want to know more about The Crowd? Flick me an email with the form below. Otherwise get pledgin’, team!

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