Powerhouse wind launch

    Today, Dunedin-based clean tech startup Powerhouse Wind launch their equity crowdfunding campaign – and we can’t wait.

    Powerhouse Wind is working to provide the people of New Zealand with household wind turbines, promoting a clean, efficient, and highly affordable energy alternative. They’re turning to equity crowdfunding to bring their new turbine, the ThinAir, to a wider marketplace. This new product is quieter, safer, and more able to harness gusty winds than other turbines, and it’s as user-friendly as a dishwasher. Reliable, simple, and elegant, the ThinAir looks set to revolutionise the way kiwis power their homes.

    Powerhouse wind workers

    And this is where you come in. Powerhouse Wind is offering investors a chance to be a part of the changing landscape of energy generation. As director Bill Currie put it; “we’re not just selling thin air, we’re giving people a chance to buy into our company which is revolutionising small scale wind power generation.”

    Powerhouse wind illustration

    So if you want to be a part of this revolution, check out their offer  now, or watch their launch video, and help Powerhouse Wind start powering up!

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