Minuit & Giftwrapped Bananas

    Minuit, a well known Kiwi band, have been working on their latest album. They wanted to get about 200 copies of the album pressed on oldschool vinyl and needed 40 peeps help to do it. They hit double their target raising a whopping $4587 – there must be quite a few vinyl fans out there! Plus they had some other amazing rewards up for grabs like a hand drawn poster by Ruth with your favourite Minuit lyrics on it, and tickets to their Christchurch show. The vinyl album will be delivered to the customers on 21.12.12, just in time to pop it under the Christmas tree. Here is what Minuit has to say about raising money through Pledge Me:

    What did you like about pledgeme?
    It was fun. And it was what everyone says crowdfunding is all about, directly hitting up people who want to support you anyway! Rather than feeling like you’re spamming everyone randomly all the time. It was a cool, punchy, short term, blast on “socialmedia” – def worth it.

    How did you find the experience?
    WIN/WIN. There was a lot of interaction with “Pledgers”.  You want to make it easy for people to support you. Cos they actually want to! And we found that worked here.

    Any tips for newbies? 
    Brainstorm your rewards list before you start setting up your page. As broad and nutty as your conscience will allow. Is it something you’d like yourself? A range of priced pledges are cool, plus, think of that someone out there who may Pledge a bundle if it’s intriguing enough.

    I say crowdfunding, you say:
    Giftwrapped bananas!

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