“Asking people to give you money is like asking people to get into bed with you, and that’s weird if you don’t know them” is my favourite crowdfunding video line ever. Joceyln Towne’s kickstarter project for her debut film “I am I” has one of the best video asks ever. She relates the journey of creating her film while walking through her LA home, introducing each of the key members along the way. In the living room you meet her producer, the kitchen the supporting actor, and in the bathroom her husband slash star of the movie. You meet everyone, and when you get to the bedroom she has a conversation with her husband about the bed being a metaphor for giving money, and it’s a bit weird if you don’t know who you’re giving to.

    That’s why a good video is so important. The project creator really needs it to connect to their audience, and the project backer really needs to see why their money is needed.

    So what makes a good video?

    1) A concise ask — what is the money for? what is your project?

    2) Credibility – you need to show why you’re awesome, and why you’ll be able to undertake the project.

    3) A point of difference – be it an awesome metaphor, a parrot, or a killer zombie, do something to differentiate your video from the rest.

    Want to see some great PledgeMe videos? Check out:

    Square Eye Pair – they had a computer camera and just talked to it. But, they made it personal and funny, and told the viewers exactly what the money was for.

    St Rupertsberg – this is beautifully shot and edited, and tells the viewer exactly why they needed the support, and the rewards they had to offer in return.

    Loomio – these guys did a mix of talking to the camera, and explaining their project through the wonders of a Prezi (www.prezi.com).

    and Talente – the lovely Suni created a concise ask without talking to a camera – so for those shy project creators out there, this might be how you want to create your video!


    1. Hi. What’s better for this purpose, YouTube or Vimeo? And can the video be updated after the campaign is published? Thanks.

      1. Hey Jo, both options work well – Vimeo is cleaner, but Youtube might be seen as having a wider reach. You can totally update / add videos as you go.

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