A word from the Gone Curling crew (aka – our biggest project funded to date!)

    Hello Pledgers

    Roland and I have been busy putting together the new credit list and special features for the DVD.  It won’t be long now until we send you your copy along with posters for those that ordered one.

    Gone Curling has just been accepted into Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York, UK.

    We wanted to let you all know that you have helped us achieve the largest and most successful crowd funding campaign in New Zealand to date! great work

    Our Pledgeme Otago adventure with our gold pledgers went ahead without a hitch. Everyone had an amazing time learning about the history of Maniototo on an awesome 4×4 trip, curling with the wonderful Becker family, drinking 25yr old whisky courtesy of The NZ whisky company, and it turns out Roland and I are much loved in Naseby.

    The trip started with a breath taking train ride on the Taieri George Railway followed by a comfy ride courtesy of Jucy Rentals to the groups’ accommodation, the Hawkdun Lodge. A moment to refresh then it was off to the Waipiata pub (for dinner ; ). The group soon realized they were not in Kansas anymore when they caught wind of a dog barking competition happening later in the weekend. After a hearty meal they went back to rest up for their next adventure.

    The morning started with a superb continental spread, courtesy of Hawkun Lodge, Then it was off to Ranfurley Bike Hire to gear up for a leisurely explore on the Rail Trail. But when a Penny Farthings was presented to Ruth and David they were not about to pass up any chance for adventure. I think the best part was trying to get on the thing.

    At 7pm it was off to Naseby Indoor Curling rink for a lesson with the pros. As always the Becker family showed their support by teaching everyone some sweet curling moves. Then it was back to Hawkdun Lodge for a well-deserved spa bath.

    Saturday was a great opportunity to learn the deep history of the Maniototo first hand from Sam Inder and Buzz. Sam has just started a 4×4 tour company called There and Back Discovery Tours so if you are wanting to explore the area Sam is the man to take you!

    Next on the days agenda was a trip to Hayes Engineering. It is worth the trip just to hang out with Ken Gillespie. Ian was in 7th heaven as anyone with an appreciation of mechanics would be, It was like the ultimate ‘man shed’. For me it was a great place for photography because of the obscure textures and perfect light.

    For those that were not so much into workshops there was the chance for a rest (finally) or for those animal lovers in the group it was off to check out The Real Dog Equipment Company, home of Mt Alaska & Finnmal Alaskan Malamutes and Canadian Eskimo Dogs – the rarest dog bread in the world.

    Saving the best till last, the final day was spent curling on natural ice with all our old friends.  The ice was the wettest I’ve seen and the game play was more of a curling parade than a proper match. But our pledgers had fun none the less. David was a natural and Cynthia won most improved curler!

    It was an awesome adventure and we are all deeply thankful for the support and hospitality shown to our prize winners

    Thanks to our Gold Pledgers
    Ruth Genet
    Matt Watson
    Cynthia Roberts
    David Craggs

    Check out their adventure photos here
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/10421771@N06/sets/72157631134305172/or here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.478336692176669.113937.299923093351364&type=3< Thanks again for everyones massive support! Rachael and Roland

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