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Project: Broke but Sexy

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I think this is the first project title that made me laugh out loud – and then I read what it was about and fell in love with it. Having lived in Germany myself, I totally get where Julie and and Gaby are coming from with this – and I’m pretty stoked to hear more New Zealanders appreciate the awesomeness of Berlin (above).

They’ve already gotten a huge amount of support – 26 people have pledged on their project, and they’re already over half way there! They have a cast of some pretty famous people on their side – with Ladi 6 in their documentary and Ruth from Minuit pledging on their project. With 10 days left, they need your help! For $10 you’ll get a postcard from Berlin, and $20 will get you a download of their documentary. $100 will get you an original east Berlin memento and $300 will get you a skype date with Gaby and Julie. So – put that christmas money to good use, and pledge on this project puhlease! Click here.

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