Jody from Trillion is a powerhouse of music and convictions. He’s been rapping and making music from loops and sounds since the 1990’s, and he knows what he believes in which comes across strongly in his art. I asked him recently to tell us a bit more about why he has turned to crowdfunding, and this is what he came back with:

    The inspiration for the album on pledgeme was a combination of a few things. The first was that I have been working on three different EP projects with three really talented, unique and quite different rappers from 3 parts of the world – in my opinion all three are technically ahead of their peers in poetic content and delivery and need to be supported. Mainly in each project, I am the music producer, although in one I hold equal vocal responsibilities.

    I used to run a small record label in New Zealand, and the income from cd sales would often only just cover the cost of printing and posting the promotional cds. And when we are looking at the world as a market place (via the internet) – the promotional CDs are in the hundreds, probably more realistically – thousands. Four years ago my label came to a grinding halt and i haven’t printed a CD since, all my music has been purely digital and online.

    Now I’ve got these three awesome projects that I want to get the world to hear, so instead of trying to promote the three EP’s separately, I decided it was a really good idea and far more cost effective to combine them into one CD. Compared to the old record label way of doing things – this CD won’t be available in any shops, only as mp3 downloads. Unfortunately, when promoting music to radio stations, they still expect hard copies.

    I also want to use it to open up discussions on what is currently happening in New Zealand in a political sense – fracking, the food bill, natural health bill, oil rigs, mining, excavating the iron sand beaches, surveillance bill,etc.

    Help Jody and the rest of his crew (Lewka, New English, Subsketch, Keepa Tuirirangi, Project Nrt, Emerald MacGill and Ezra Holbrook) get this project off the ground. Do your bit by pledging or sharing this link on:

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      I am looking forward to hear from you,

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