Wise Boys Burgers

    Aug 10

    9 months ago, the team at Wise Boys Burgers had a dream: to create the nation’s first fully plant-based food joint. Armed with nothing but that dream, some meagre savings and a whole lot of gumption, they worked tirelessly to build a trailer, and took their burgers to the people.

    And the people loved them! Customers went mad for these meatless burgers, and their food truck was praised loudly by everyone from Heart of the City to Urban List. But as they’ve grown more popular, they’re struggling to keep up with demand – and so they want to expand, so that more people can enjoy their wonderful burgers.

    This is why they’re turning to PledgeMe. In order to do things properly, they need to refit their entire trailer. They’re putting up half that cost, but they need the help of their crowd to get them the rest of the way. They’re offering some phenomenal rewards, including a date with the Wise Boys team, a jar of their amazing aioli, or even a chance to name their new truck!

    We wanted to hear more about their planned revolution, so we got in touch with the brilliant Beka, the girl behind Wise Boys!

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    It’s been rad! We’ve had a tonne of verbal support and it’s cool to see that translate into a tangible thing. On the first day someone bought one of our higher value rewards to win the rights to naming our trailer, which got us pretty hyped about the whole thing! It’s also quite nerve-wracking though, because you’re putting yourself out there and just hoping that you’ve communicated well and that people get it, and are up for supporting you.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We have a few more rewards that we’re going to launch! And then of course you can look forward to coming and getting a burger from our pimped out trailer once we’re done!

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    On our last night hundreds of you guys stood in the rain waiting for our burgers, which just reinforced why we’re doing this whole thing. Thanks for being part of the food revolution, thanks for your kind words, thanks for eating our burgers, thanks for telling your friends. Let’s keep making this thing a whole lot bigger than just us!

    To find out more about Wise Boys and make burgers not war, head over to their campaign page (or check them out on Instagram!)


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