Winter Ales Festival 2017!

    When Jane and Jay heard that the annual Winter Ales Festival wasn’t going ahead, they were crestfallen. But rather than sitting round feeling sorry about it, the two beer fans put their heads together, and came up with a solution: they approached the not-for-profit Craft Beer Capital, and with their support, they’re now turning to the craft beer community to help put on the festival.

    By pledging on the campaign you’ll receive a ticket to attend the festival, and there are a whole lot of other exciting package options available too. To find out more about why you should be fizzing for this festival, we got in touch with Jane and Jay:

    Why do you think this campaign is important?

    For us, this campaign is important as it gives the community a chance to take part in bringing the 2017 festival together. Having the pledge target is really key as it lets people see how much it really costs to put this sort of thing on. We could have gone through a traditional ticketing website, this however made us feel like others got an opportunity to be part of on of Wellington’s best beer events. We also made options for people to buy festival merchandise for those who are not able to make it on the day but are keen to show their support for this.

    What motivated you to reach out to your crowd?

    We were motivated to reach out to our crowd as to have a great beer festival you need a few things, beer, volunteers, glasses and people to attend. This years Winter Ales Festival event organisation had a different outcome, as SOBA handed it over to two keen beer enthusiasts. So we had to go down a different avenue for funding… Keeping the beer community involved, being able to reach out to all beer lovers but also keep supporting local made Pledge me and excellent choice. For us it’s not just about buying a ticket, it’s about working together to keep this awesome festival an annual event.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We are just about to release what this years merch looks like, we have a local Wellington artist who worked on some incredible images for the event! We are really happy with them and are pretty excited for how they are looking on the range of t-shirts, long sleeve tees and jerseys!

    Anything you’d like to shout out to your crowd?

    We are totally stoked with the support we have had so far! We have definitely taken this on as a challenge and the support, excitement and encouragement makes it all the more motivating. As mentioned in the campaign blurb, we are donating any money made from the festival once we have paid all our bills to Kaibosh food rescue.

    To hop on board and grab your ticket for the Winter Ales Festival, head over and pledge here.

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