Tabitha Dombroski has been dancing since she was 3, and has known from an early age that she wanted to be a dancer. This year, she gained the honour of being invited to continue her dance education at the prestigious John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart, Germany. But due to her family’s financial situation, Tabitha has been supporting her own dancing for the past year, rising at 5.30am each morning to work her two jobs. In order to afford to live in Stuttgart and achieve her dream, she needs the support of her crowd. So we got in touch to see why you should be helping Tabitha with the next step in her dance career.

    Why do you think this campaign is important?

    The campaign is extremely important to me. Its success will mean I can fully support myself for the first 3 months in Stuttgart. Without the support of others I would not be able to follow my dreams. It is such a privilege and rare opportunity to be offered to train with The John Cranko Schule. PledgeMe and this campaign has helped me so much. Through the campaign I have received not only financial help but lots of messages of love and support. I aim to be a ballet dancer in Europe and this next step makes reaching this goal that much more possible. I could not do this without PledgeMe and my generous supporters. The dream is closer then ever.

    What motivated you to reach out to your crowd?

    There is such a strong, tight knit dance community. Everyone knows everyone and we had spoken to a few groups of people about starting up a pledge page, and they were all so supportive.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    I left to London on the 28th of August and I go to Stuttgart on the 6th of September. I will be posting heaps of updates of how it’s all going. And also for the rewards, they are all starting to come together so will be sharing those too.

    Anything you’d like to shout out to your crowd?

    I would like to thank my crowd for their generous pledges, thoughtful comments and their love. I have felt it in spades! xx

    To pledge to Tabitha’s campaign and help her achieve her dream, head over to her page right here!


    1. Could you link Tabitha’s name to her pledge page? It seems odd to feature her without a link for people to get to her page!

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