Small world moment in Melbourne

    So — your illustrious blogger was out last night in Melbourne for a belated birthday trip. As is the norm, I was chatting away about this and that, and crowdfunding came up. But, instead of the wide eyed doe stare followed by “what is crowdfunding?”, the girl I was talking to said she had already used PledgeMe!

    She had bought a CD off the lovely ladies of St. Rupertsberg:

    Which, it turns out, is something pretty special for her. Emma is a student in Melbourne, doesn’t have a lot of money (or time) to do much other than study, but she was sent the link by some kiwi friends and inspired by the St. Rupertsberg story. And, why not give $20 for a CD from a band her friends told her was pretty rocking? So she did.

    She tells me she’s gotten the CD (which she thinks is awesome) and is an enthusiastic little crowdfunder now.

    So – bring on the success stories and serendipitous meetings! On a side note, next time you make it to Melbourne sidle on up to Naked For Satan, it’s a great night out (with cheap cheap tapas..)

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