Tip #2 – An attitude of gratitude

    This sounds a bit like teaching your nana to suck eggs, but if you want support you’re going to have to virtually love each and every one of your pledgers. You need to make them feel special, integral to your success, and just generally awesome.

    How can you do that?

    1) Include it in your original ask. Make them feel like without their help you wouldn’t be the successful videomaker/artist/musician/accordian player that you want to be.

    2) Updates on your project. You can add updates to your project throughout it’s active life on PledgeMe. Say thank you, and tell your pledgers what their help means to you. You can even provide updates after it’s finished so people can see what happened with your project, and to set the scene for future projects.

    3) Thank you notes. Now, this really is oldschool, but thank you notes make the world go round. Once your project finishes you will receive the email addresses for all pledgers so you can organise rewards. *cue profusive thanking*. This can be for anything. Like:

    So kids – that’s it. Three ways to show your gratitude and keep your supporters feeling the warm and fluffies. If you make one happy, the rest will follow!

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