Project Pink Ribbon Calendar = success!

    The Pink Ribbon Calendar Girls project really touched the hearts of a lot of people. 114 pledgers gave over $10,000 to help get this project off the ground, and it became a bit of twitter phenomenon (especially in the final countdown). We asked the team to give us some feedback afterwards, and they sent us a picture of the Art team “yahoo-ing”!  Left to right: Sean Dick, Liz Oliver, Lane Worrall, Amanda Molineux, Amanda Worrall, Chris Traill. They also told us:

    What did you like about pledgeme?
    We really liked the idea of crowd funding for arts projects. What a great way to help get projects off the ground that might not otherwise get the opportunity.
    We had also been looking for sponsorship for our project without much success.  This seemed like a viable alternative… and it worked!
    The main goal of our project is to raise awareness about breast cancer in NZ and Pledge Me allowed us to reach out with this message while also sharing the stories of the brave women behind the Pink Ribbon Calendar.

    How did you find the experience?
    Nerve wrecking, but very exciting at the same time as we inched towards our goal.
    It took much longer to build up a network of supporters and awareness about the project than we realised.  In hindsight we should have put the project on Pledge Me for longer than the recommended 30 days.

    As New Zealanders gain awareness about Pledge Me and the concept of crowd funding it will be easier for future projects. We spent a lot of time educating people about Pledge Me and crowd funding and how it all worked. We are thrilled that we managed to reach our target!

    The team at Pledge Me got right in behind us, helping us to promote our
    cause and even making a pledge themselves!  Thanks Pledge Me you have
    really helped to make our project a success.

    Any tips for newbies?
    You absolutely need a video!  It really helps people to understand the project.  We didn’t get many pledges until we put the video up. Although we totally knew our project, the video helped to educate everyone else about our project and the cause.
    Use as many avenues as you can to raise awareness about your project – through friends, family, colleagues, social media, radio.  It also takes time to build up awareness so factor that into your project time on Pledge Me.


I say crowdfunding, you say:
    Brilliant idea!

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