‘Hands Up’ for this success

    Matthew Pickering and his friends at Eden Productions wanted to shoot their music video ‘Hands Up‘ at House of Grace, a Wellington home for teen mums. They needed help to raise money for the shooting costs and to feed their helpers a fancy dinner. They succeeded with the help of 69 pledgers, and made the fab video above. This is what Matthew thought of the overall experience crowdfunding experience:

    What did you like about PledgeMe?
    Having the oversight of the knowledgeable and friendly Pledgeme team formalised the fundraising arrangment, which meant that I took the project more seriously and worked harder to reach my goal.

    Fundraising in the public sphere brings out an accountability and boldness in asking others to help fund your vision

    How did you find the experience? 
    It offered me a way to allow others to invest, both financially and in other ways, in a project not yet created. It allowed the fundraising experience to be incorporated into the marketing strategy–for example, offering a pre-purchase of my new album as a reward for pledging.

    Any tips for newbies?
    Sometimes you need to knock the door more than once! Keep asking and you will reach your goal!

    I say crowdfunding you say…
    Give it a go! The least that’s gonna happen is you end up where you are now, ie without the funds. So be bold and ask!


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