In Need of Some Better Felts


    Timothy Marsh only needed $100 to get some new felts, Posca Pens, so he could continue making fun, quirky character for his friends. Timothy thinks that Posca Pens are the best thing out and he really wanted to purchase some so he could continue drawing. He does have a bigger plan though, he wants to add some colour to the grey streets of Wellington. Thanks to his friends and family, Timothy raised $125 and can now start drawing again, but with better felts! here is what he had to say about Pledge Me:

    What did you like about Pledge Me:
    I enjoyed the fact that throughout my pledgeme process there was someone emailing me with guidance and updates that felt very personable – it wasn’t just some automated message you could tell there was definitely a person on the other end thinking things through for you. Much appreciated

    How did you find the experience:
    Overall the experience was very straightforward, using the site etc was all very easy to understand

    Any Tips for Newbies:
    Tips for newbies would be to utilize facebook through creating an event page, asking who,what,when,where,why,how and making sure this is clear to your audience.

    I say Pledge Me you say?
    Pledgeme baby

    Here’s an update message from Tim:


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