Wanna Jam in a Wig Wam?

    Wig Wam Jam is part of Fringe Festival 2013. A public street theatre project in an open air gazebo filled with costumes and props. Passersby are invited in to don costumes and be filmed doing any small smidgeon of performance or an interview about theatre. We have a busy website which all clips will be uploaded onto. Different days are themed differently – one day is chinese New Year, one time we will go to Parliament, one day we work with visual artists from Pablos or Vincents.

    Jo and Thomas are the folk behind Wig Wam Jam and Barbarian Productions, they create/tour theatre works and event, run childrens classes, teach and write. They’ve also created a project on PledgeMe to fund the Wig Wam, so we caught up with them to hear more about their project:

    How did you hear about crowdfunding?

    I think Taika Waititi was the first person I knew of who used crowdfunding.  He’s got a big profile.  I guess I can consider myself lucky to be his Facebook friend.  Then soon after I saw Taika doing it, Duncan Sarkies hit me up about his ‘Bertie Bott’ project.  But we were a bit poor at the time.  I only pledged myself for the first time recently, for PSA to pay their cast.

    What has been your favourite crowdfunding experience?

    What I like best is seeing the names of really cool, talented people that we admire greatly popping up as pledgers to our project.  It’s a really affirming feeling, it kind of formalises the support that’s out there for our company across the country.

    How will the funding help your project?

    Currently we have a good idea, a white kite and a few well-loved elvis wigs. With a bit more funding we can transform this into a strikingly decorated gazebo complete with red curtain and a gorgeous array of props and costumes available for all-comers to play around in.

    In five words, what is Wig Wam Jam all about? 

    Crazy costumes + anyone = street theatre

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