Getting in Gear with Diocesan School for Girls

    Jun 1

    The future of fundraising is changing – and these eight amazing groups of Year 11 students are planning to change with it.

    Gone are the sausage sizzles and bake sales of the past – instead, Diocesan School for Girls wants to teach its students all about reaching out to their crowds online. As one student put it: “why drag a BBQ around if instead we can create compelling online campaigns that target large crowds and inspire action?” And this is the aim with their collection of campaigns: to raise funds in a new and innovative way, and support a good cause while doing it.

    That good cause is Fostering Kids NZ. The students have divided themselves into eight teams, each aiming to raise at least $550 with their own PledgeMe campaign, in the hopes of donating 24 bikes to the organisation. As rewards, they’re offering everything from homemade cookies to giving up their cellphones for 24 hours – anything it takes to hit their goal. One group has already shot through their target by nearly $200, and the others are well on their way!

    Chris Clay had this to say about the decision to work with PledgeMe for this fundraising effort:

    “A street protest is now more likely to be organised through twitter; facebook campaigns are creating real social change; and fundraising initiatives can be promoted to thousands of people through sites like PledgeMe.

    “Our young people need to understand how to navigate and benefit from the opportunities that the online world offers. We need to provide them with experiences of operating in large and complex networks; of activating large crowds of people that they’re never likely to meet; to using online tools to bring about positive social impacts.

    “These are skills that will be essential in the future. At school, what better way to do this than through a fundraising campaign that meets a local need in the community.”

    To pledge to these awesome campaigns, check out Diocesan School For Girls’ profile here, or click on one of the individual links below and take a look at their campaign videos:

    MP bikes

    Ride into the future

    Pumped Up

    Bicycool (featuring the brilliant pun “are you two tyred?”)

    MI bikes

    Build a bike, foster a smile! 

    Bikes for benefit

    ED bikes

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