Don’t Dream it’s Over

    Jun 15

    The world of journalism is changing rapidly. From online convergence to the rise of clickbait, journalists face challenges from all sides – so Freerange Press thinks it’s time for a reimagining.

    This small, independent cooperative press is creating a multi-author book to explore the way journalism has changed over time – and to consider how it might operate in the future. The book will feature the voices of a wide range of highly-respected and influential journalists: everyone from Pencilsword creator Toby Morris to Pulitzer prize winner Peter Arnett. But in order to get this in-depth discussion of NZ’s mediascape out to the world, Freerange Press needs your help.

    They are looking to raise $11,500 to print the 300-page book, and are offering amazing rewards in return – like an hour of feedback on your own publishing project! We were eager to hear more about NZ’s changing mediascape, so we got in touch with Emma from Freerange to hear all about it:

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    We have had a great start! The support we have had so far indicates the desire for this book and the need to strengthen debate about the challenges and opportunities facing journalism in this country. This has been seen in pledgers’ engagement thus far –  via shares on social media through the comments from pledgers as to why people think this topic is important too, and why they are supporting us. The questions that the book asks implicitly – ‘What do we need from our media?’ and ‘What could journalism look like if we reimagined it?’ – seem to be striking a chord.

    What do you have planned for the rest of your campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We will feature some scoops! This includes pull quotes and advance extracts from the book, plus some profiles on some of the fantastic contributors, who range from journalists and academics through to designers and students. We will also go into more detail about us at Freerange – a small, independent and cooperative publisher and how those who are interested can become members.

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    A big thank you to all the pledgers for getting us this far! We are really proud of the amazing contributions that have been gathered to form this book – so many people have generously provided words and ideas on what is happening in journalism and how it might flourish again. We value your generosity very much as well, and ask you to spread the word and help us to bring this valuable contribution to journalism into the world!

    To explore the future of journalism in NZ, check out this awesome campaign right here.

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