Don’t be bored with your Boardgame

    Shem Phillips is another example of how small New Zealand is. He ran a project through PledgeMe to fund his board game, Plethora. While the project was running I had a business meeting and they mentioned a co-worker named Shem. And yes, I asked if it was the same Shem – and it was!

    Small New Zealand stories like that are exactly why we think PledgeMe is working. Not only is everyone connected (in one way or another) but they are supportive too. We asked Shem what he thought about his successful crowdfunding campaign, and this is what he said:

    What did you like about pledgeme?
    Simple to use. Easy to make updates and edit page.

    How did you find the experience?
    Great! Very happy to have this service available in NZ at last!

    Any tips for newbies?
    Make use of Facebook and any online forums relating to your project (I used

    I say crowdfunding, you say:
    Oh yea!!!

    – Shem


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