Every day we get exciting projects from every nook and cranny of NZ, but one trend we’ve been noticing is how Christchurch is not only getting on board with crowdfunding in a big way – but they’re changing the face of it. So – we thought it was about time for us to showcase a few of our fave Cantabrians of recent times.

    Pallet Pavilion

    Our largest crowdfunding project to-date was for a pile of old wood. But it’s not just any old wood – these were shipping pallets that formed the Pallet Pavilion in the lot where the Crown Plaza used to stand in Christchurch. The wunderkids of Christchurch, Gap Filler, had already set up the pavilion, but they wanted to know if it should stay for another year (or not). So they asked their crowd to decide with their money – if they could raise enough to cover the security costs for a year it would stay. $82,000 later, they knew that what they were doing was a keeper.

    This just proves the power of the people. If you want something you can go to the crowd to decide – and this time, they decided it should stay. It’s the future of not only creative projects, but community decision making.

    Von Voin Strum

    Von Voin Strum know how to rock a crowd – they’ve opened for international greats like INXS and Slash, and know how to get an audience vibing to their music. But, they want to work with their crowd in a different way now. Engage before the final tunes are on stage, and grow their music together.

    “In the ever changing face of the music industry, this presents a whole new medium for artists to explore and expand their music careers.”

    Stu Buchanan’s Album – “Hey! What’s The Time?”

    Crowdfunding is often seen as a tool for the young – but Stu has disproved that – at 82 years young he wants to crowdfund his first album of his compositions. And, it looks like he might just do it!

    Grassroots Yoga and Health

    There are a lot of things that Christchurch just needs – like yoga studios. And, so – the Grassroots team decided to see if they could crowdfund the set up of a new studio. It turns out – they could. They’ve raised over $12,000 towards making their new space everything it can be, and the project is still going.

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    1. I am very interested in Pledgeme as a funding proposal for our project
      Bush Railway and Old Sawmill Trust, which will be a tourism project with a difference. I would like to know more about Pledgeme. I see the Kingston Flyer Trust is working through you.Look forward to hearing from you.John Smale

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