Choosing Choice Bros!

    March 2

    Choice Bros are starting a seriously beautiful new brewery. But they need your help.

    Located in Ghuznee Street in the craft beer capital, the Choice Bros brewery and brew bar will be a wonderful retreat off Cuba Street, where Wellingtonians can go for a cup of coffee, a bite to eat, and a blimmin good brew. But the team at Choice Bros want to be sure it’s done right – that’s why they’re crowdfunding now, so they can purchase safe and sanitary equipment to set them and Welly’s beer drinkers up for the future.

    But they’re not just asking for pledges out of the goodness of their hearts. The rewards for this campaign are some of the best value we’ve seen in a while – offering everything from membership in an exclusive tasting club, to a chance to design and brew your very own beer! We wanted to hear from the brothers behind the brewery, so we got in touch with Head Bro Kerry to find out more.

    How are you finding the campaign so far?

    There has been a lot of interest from the beer community and the general media.  Many have expressed excitement for our project!  The ‘Alevate’ membership and the brewing rewards have proved very popular, as well as a heap of merchandise pledges.

    What do you have planned for the rest of the campaign – anything for us to look forward to?

    We will be releasing some of the merchandise designs over the next two weeks as well as looking into other reward ideas submitted by our fans.  One of the hat designs has been submitted by a fan and we absolutely love it, so it will become one of the options.  If you have an idea, share it with us!

    Anything you want to shout out to your crowd?

    We would like to thank all of our fans that have pledged so far and everyone who has been sharing our campaign on social media.  To make the rewards happen we need to get to our goal, so please keep sharing and telling family, friends & work colleagues about our campaign.  We still have a few Corporate brew days and dinners remaining – hit up your boss, social club or sports team to secure a great night out.

    To choose to support the Choice Bros, pledge to their rad campaign right here.


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