[A couple of months ago a bright-eyed Irish lad approached us. He had experience in financial markets and a thirst for a challenge. Barry is now PledgeMe’s Rad Debtor, looking at crowdlending and debt crowdfunding for us.]

    Nine months ago, I peered across from the other side of the internet and a bright blue bubble caught my eye. We shared a glance and I approached nervously. My voice quivering, my hands shaking, my pits sweating — “hey what’s the story, PledgeMe?”

    Barry sees PledgeMe from across the bar…
    An artist’s impression of Barry’s first glance of PledgeMe. Original image by Beer by Bart and used under Creative Commons Attribution license.

    It wasn’t long before we were sharing stories, exploring ideas, truly connecting. My ears taking in a simple yet powerful message — bringing communities together to give life to fresh ideas. This was a journey I wanted to be a part of.

    Four months in, I’ve seen the message put into action. We’re not merely a market matchmaker, connecting capital seekers with return-hungry investors. We’re giving the impactors on both sides an opportunity to connect in a meaningful way over ideas and causes which really resonate with them.

    We are crowd-led crowdfunding! Campaigns empower their own crowd and generate funding momentum. PledgeMe’s vitality isn’t determined by the angels and VCs sitting in the background waiting to be fed. We live because of the shared motivation of do-ers and supporters to create value that goes beyond a financial transaction. It’s about making a difference.

    PledgeMe is a community of communities sharing stories, exploring ideas, truly connecting. We’re working hard and growing together. Our journey together is going to be special. We’ll break old conventions and new ground. I’m delighted that I took that first step.


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    1. One time I saw PledgeMe in a bar and I tried winking at it. It didn’t even make eye contact through the crowd. Way to pop my bubble, guys.

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