Sept 24Three years ago, before the TPPA was on the tip of everyone’s tongues, Jody Lloyd (then known as “Trillion”) crowdfunded a collaborative music project with 3 other DJs from Australia, the US and New Zealand, which borrowed its name and explained it on the back cover of the album. Jody successfully raised $5,800 and the CD was released!

    Since then, Jody’s heading down the road less travelled – after the CD’s release he began a search for The Perfect Frequency: a single frequency that could bring peace to everyone who experience it. He attracted a documentary crew with this intriguing idea, and in 2014 succeeded in finding it.


    These days, Jody is living in Bali and performing his Perfect Frequency music for groups who experience it lying down and blindfolded. It has been described by clients as everything from a “multi-dimensional journey” to a “masterpiece”. To experience some of this masterful music, check out Jody’s website right here, and stay tuned next week to see who we’ll be throwing back to!

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