Bountiful Burlesque

    Nov 26

    Fifi Colston’s drawings should never be hidden away. This wonderful writer, artist, and creator of Wearable Art ran her first PledgeMe campaign back in 2012 so that she could mount a series of sketches for an exhibition. The subject of these sketches? None other than the daring dancers of the Wellington burlesque scene. Fifi describes it as a “great exhibition” with fascinating frills abounding.

    One of Fifi’s books, which won the LIANZA prize.

    Since then, Fifi hasn’t stopped making wonderful art. She’s had two beautiful books on costuming for children published, including “Wearable Wonders” which won the LIANZA non-fiction prize.


    She’s also made puppets, costumes for businesses, and a whole historic replica flag for Waitangi. But her real tour de force is in WOW season – this was her 20th year in show. In 2012 her piece “Lady Curiosity”, also inspired by burlesque dancers, placed third, and went on to be exhibited around NZ only to end up much further afield in Honolulu!

    Lady Curiosity, photo courtesy of World of WearableArt.
    Lady Curiosity, photo courtesy of World of WearableArt.


    We are so proud of Fifi’s amazing work, and can’t wait to see what marvels she will keep on creating. If you want to check out Fifi’s original project, take a look at it right here.


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