Team PledgeMe has learned a lot over the last year. And now with 12 equity campaigns funded (out of 19 launched) we have a pretty clear idea of what’s working and what needs refining to help kiwis fund the things they care about.

    As we do, we listened to our crowd. We asked them what would help get them ready to run equity campaigns, and what they thought would give them the best chance of success. We clearly heard that companies wanted more support in the lead up, more education around, and a better structured programme to ease them into a campaign.

    Taking that on board, and mixing in our experience in crowdfunding…

    we’re launching, CrowdfundingU!

    Welcome to CrowdfundingU

    CrowdfundingU will provide a structured 6 week programme for equity campaigners, running through all the things you need to know about:

    • What is Equity Crowdfunding
    • Documentation do’s and don’ts
    • Mapping your Crowd
    • Communicating with your Crowd
    • Pitching to your Crowd (from visuals to events)
    • Launching your Campaign

    While comprehensive, the programme is not intense. It’s not some sort of boot camp where we wake you up at 5 AM and make you do press ups in the mud. We focus on the essentials on a one-to-one basis to make sure companies are ready for their campaigns before they hit the launch button. The sessions give an up to six week lead in time to launch, but can be condensed for folk who want to move quicker than the average bear (or tiger).

    So for all of you who want to learn more about CrowdfundingU click here. If you want to sign up you can do that there too.

    Got questions? Ask Will, our Equity Champion, more questions here or tee up a time to chat.

    This does mean our pricing will change

    To reflect the change in the way we’re running equity campaigns we’re changing how we charge for them.

    There will now be an upfront fee of $1,500. This replaces the fees for legal work and background checks we were charging previously. It also covers the one-to-one time you’ll get with one (or more) of the PledgeMe team through CrowdfundingU.

    PledgeMe.Equity fees as of 01/02/16
    CrowdfundingU $1,500 (zero rated) Paid before campaign starts
    Success fee 5% of total raised (zero rated)
    Credit card fee 2.8% + 25 cents per transaction (Only on pledges paid by credit card, average fee to date is ~0.3%)


    To use PledgeMe’s Shareholder Portal there is a fee of $25 (plus GST) per month, first two months free. It’s optional to use this service.

    And of course, you may incur additional costs launching and running your campaign, ranging from legal and accounting to design and communications.

    The benefits

    Over the past year we’ve found that running equity crowdfunding campaigns can be a daunting task. Having done two rounds for PledgeMe, I can confirm that it is indeed a little bit scary. So CrowdfundingU is designed to break that fear down into small chunks and make it manageable. Here’s how CrowdfundingU will benefit all you potential equity crowdfunders out there.

    More structure

    One of the big things we heard from our crowd was that they wanted a more structured process. Not a rigid set of guidelines, but something more than just a how to guide. CrowdfundingU breaks helps you get all the corner and outside bits of the puzzle locked down, to make the middle bit easier.

    More support

    Campaigns all come in different shapes and sizes, and from campaign to campaign we were figuring out how we could help companies. With the one-to-one sessions during CrowdfundingU it gives the companies space to ask us questions, and gives PledgeMe time to hear what the companies need and go away and work on it.

    Pitch Kitchen

    We’ll still be running Pitch Kitchens during CrowdfundingU, but these will be better informed and come sooner in the process to give companies good feedback on their pitch as they’re building it. Because of the better structure and increased support we’ll have a better idea of the skills the companies need present and so can arrange stellar lineups (from our crowd and theirs).


    1. Hi Anna! You’ve got a typo in the link to Crowdfunding U. There is a pesky www in there when there shouldn’t be 🙂

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